Did you Hear That?

  Our Listening Project returns.  Here is what our participants have been saying lately:  God is good. All the time. Was homeless, lost everything. God provided another place to live finding new life.  – Mattie Look forward don’t look backward. World can take everything but joy!!  Backwards does no good.   -Don Have new life because Jesus…
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The Cost of Being Poor

Online account.   Automatic draft.   Email bill reminders. Those words don’t exist in a cash economy, which is the reality for most of our participants.  While I might pay my electricity bill in 5 minutes on the computer, someone living in a cash-only world will receive a paper bill in the snail-mail, find the cash for the…
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Intern Insights: Creating Reality

Poverty Simulation: a term that conjures up a variety of feelings depending on person, a term that has been on my mind since coming to United Ministries.  This term may confuse you, for you are not familiar with it and do not understand what it is.  For others, though, who are familiar with the work…
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