Transformative Journey

Sonja’s story is one of hope and a transformative journey. It is a story of a mom and her three children who found themselves literally living in a car … right here in Greenville. Uncertain where to turn for help, providence brought her to the Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network (GAIHN). The volunteers and staff…
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A Family in Need of Shelter

When Mr. Smith became ill and was no longer able to work in construction after 13 years in the field, the Smith Family moved to Greenville to live with family. They soon realized that there were too many people in the house, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their 16 year old son moved into…
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Whose Greenville is This Anyway?

How would you answer “Whose Greenville is this anyway?” What role do we have in responding to the challenges persons face in acquiring consistently secure, affordable, sufficient housing? The vision of a community working together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive points to an answer of “Who counts?” One meaningful answer is…
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