2011 followed a record-setting year in the Adult Education program, as 2010 closed out with 407 GED graduates and 1,107 newly enrolled students.  407 individual lives were changed by obtaining a GED which then afforded the opportunity to explore higher paying jobs, college courses, and job training programs.  The previous year’s success was going to be hard to top.    

Still, 2011 brought marked success for our participants and program in more ways than one.  We partnered with United Way, SHARE, and Greenville Literacy Association to sponsor WorkKeys to all of our GED students and Employment Readiness participants.  As a result, we welcomed a new staff member to our team, Loren Carr.  We continued to emphasize the importance of workplace readiness and needed career skills by strengthening the link between the Adult Education program and Employment Readiness. 

Since we began offering WorkKeys only five months ago, 169 individuals have earned a Career Readiness Certificate.  That means, 169 individuals can apply for jobs that otherwise would have been out of reach.    

Further helping secure employment, 9 of our graduates participated in job training programs sponsored by United Ministries, which varied from Certified Nursing Assistant to Forklift Operation.  These job training programs provided the students with very specific preparation and the certification needed for higher-paying, stable employment.

A successful year would not be complete without a graduation ceremony to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of our students.  Buncombe Street United Methodist, once again, generously offered their space as we celebrated two more graduation ceremonies.  The evenings were filled with joyous celebrations in front of packed audiences.            

In 2011, we also continued to see a young demographic with about half of our student body composed of individuals under the age of 24.  We enrolled 932 new students for a total student body of 1,833 individuals.  The year ended with 368 GED graduates.  And while we’re wildly excited about these accomplishments, more importantly, we’re even more thrilled by the relationships built, the stories that we shared, and the privilege to work with such a diverse, deserving group of people. 

Thank you for sharing in our students’ success!