Melissa worked for fourteen years as a teaching aide for special needs children in northern Virginia. After Melissa’s husband was transferred to South Carolina, Melissa learned that she would be required to complete the WorkKeys® test to be eligible for employment with the Greenville County School District. Melissa completed the test on her own, but she needed to raise her scores in a particular subject to be eligible for employment with the district. She was referred to United Ministries by a partner agency that recommended our tutors as being some of the best in town.

To gain access to WorkKeys® tutoring, Melissa joined United Ministries’ Employment Readiness Program, where she reviewed employability skills and practiced interviewing. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, Melissa says one of the most helpful pieces of the program was the assistance she received in editing her resume and writing a cover letter. Nearly a year after initially applying and at the point where she was ready to give up, Melissa was finally called in for an interview with the school district. Melissa was recently hired at a local elementary school and loves her new position. Her advice to new program participants? Always keep trying!

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