Josalin Betts, a senior citizen on a fixed income, came to United Ministries to receive assistance with her Duke Energy electric bill. Because it had started getting colder, she began using more power to heat her home. When she received her electric bill, it was a little higher than she expected, and she could not afford to pay the full amount of the bill.

Ms. Betts’ electric bill is generally around $80.00. Because she began using her heat, her bill is now around $140.00. She had never heard of United Ministries and did not know what services we provided or what programs were available for seniors. I explained to Ms. Betts what services we offered in Emergency Assistance, including our HEAT program, which is available to seniors during the winter months.

United Ministries was able to pay her entire electric bill and take away her worries of how she was going to pay it. She was very thankful and appreciative. She said she didn’t know there were places out there that could help seniors the way we were able to help her.

Rosaline Golden, Emergency Assistance Program Assistant

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