Financial Stabilization

The Intern Experience

Katherine Armstrong (left) and Rachel Lawrence interned with UM this summer. As interns at United Ministries, we have spent our summer making our way through the different programs offered at UM, and while we came into this summer with expectations of what we might learn, we have also been taken by surprise. We have always…
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Back on Track

When Joseph joined the Employment Readiness Program, he was living at the Greenville Rescue Mission and setting his life on a new path after a struggle with alcohol addiction. He was working as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and managed to complete United Ministries’ four-day employability skills class around his work schedule. He hit…
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Meeting Life Goals

When Bryan showed up at United Ministries’ Employment Readiness program in August 2016, he was in the sixth month of the seven-month Miracle Hill Overcomers residential addiction recovery program. What stood out that first day was the simplicity of Bryan’s “life goal” that he was asked to share with the group; he said that in…
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When Motivation Meets Opportunity

Tammy Wilson says that it was a humbling experience coming to United Ministries for help, because she wasn’t sure if she’d receive any. Her husband had lost his job, and his income was primary in the household. She came to United Ministries Emergency Assistance program for help paying their power bill, and as part of…
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Job Training and Matched Savings

Claire, who was recently divorced when she first came to United Ministries, is the mother of two children.  She and her children had just moved into a rental house, and Claire needed a new career. She had always been interested in the medical field and decided to pursue certified nursing assistant (CNA) training as a…
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