Our Listening Project returns.  Here is what our participants have been saying lately:

 God is good. All the time. Was homeless, lost everything. God provided another place to live finding new life.  – Mattie

Look forward don’t look backward. World can take everything but joy!!  Backwards does no good.   -Don

Have new life because Jesus gives me Joy and Happiness.  -Oscar

Always put God 1st in your life.  I learned that.  – Betty

Seek and you will find if you’ve entered the Kingdom.  I Spent 14 years on drugs. God saved me and turned me around – I was living in Rock Hill and kept dreaming about Genesis 19 when God told Abraham to go – then I went to church one Sunday and the preacher’s sermon was on that text!  I started calling around and someone found me housing here and I was blessed with all I needed.  I’m called to preach – God uses those who have had times, been addicted, etc. to witness to those in need.  – Jackie

Put God first – take one day at a time. Keep pressing forward.  – Gerry

 If you stop learning you stop living. Keep God first. Always keep learning.   Cassandra

 Always treat others right.  – Robbie 

Knowing the difference between right and wrong. Always try to do right – and we are not perfect. Always remember God.  – Robert

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