Encouragement for Life Change

Holly is a charming, ambitious young woman who came to United Ministries’ Employment Readiness Program after turning her life around from a lifestyle that nearly killed her. Getting involved with the drug culture in college caused her life to spiral out of control. She dropped out of school, got into bad relationships, and became more dependent on drugs.

“After about five years, I had lost everything. Lost my job, lost my car, lost my friends.” She realized that if she didn’t do something, she would die.

She joined Miracle Hill Renewal to begin overcoming her addiction. On her road to recovery, God opened her eyes to the lies that were keeping her in captivity, and she began to trust in Him. She got a job baking biscuits at McDonald’s, where she met her husband. When their beautiful baby girl arrived, Holly knew she had to make another change.   Their incomes were not enough to provide a better life for their family. After attending orientation and passing a drug test, Holly was accepted for job training sponsorship by United Ministries.

“I just want to thank y’all for helping. It’s a good thing that y’all do for people…I have money to pay my bills, but when it comes to bettering myself, the money just isn’t there. It’s expensive. One class is close to $1,000. There’s no way. So, it’s awesome that y’all come in and sponsor people and give people encouragement and hope.”

Holly has finished her basic classes. She has one final class to be certified for medical coding and billing. She imagines herself working in a physician’s office and is eager to connect with others in the profession, work her way up, and prove herself.   With her intelligence, resourcefulness, and bright spirit, she will surely go far.

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