“When I called United Ministries, I had no doubt that God was not going to show up for me”

Most Wednesday mornings, volunteer Susan Bracknell comes to talk with the people waiting in the Emergency Assistance lobby. They are here seeking rent or utility assistance. Susan chats with them one on one to find out what is the most important thing they have learned in life. Many refer to their faith and relationship with Jesus. Others talk about gratitude. Some mention phrases such as “Respect goes a long way” or “Look forward; don’t look backward.”

But on a recent Wednesday morning, something happened that filled Susan with wonder and joy. She had already spoken with a woman who was soon to become an ordained minister in her church. The next person Susan planned to speak with was noticeably shaking. Susan gently touched the woman and asked if she were okay. She nodded her head so Susan asked her what she thought her most important life lesson was. Her response, “I’m glad to know that Jesus is alive. We have hope. I’ve done a lot and God’s kept me. I want to thank Him. We can’t do anything without Him.” She continued to shake. The soon-to-be minister moved closer and declared that she wanted to pray for the woman, if that was okay. She nodded.

Susan said the prayer was eloquent and full of healing language. When the minister said, “Amen,” Susan reported that she felt a flood of loving, positive energy…such as she had never experienced…run through her body. The shaking woman no longer shook and said, “When I called United Ministries I had no doubt that God was not going to show up for me. Let not your heart be troubled.” Susan knew in her heart that God indeed was present.

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