Golden Opportunity Challenge

For 50 years, United Ministries has extended Greenville’s generosity to our neighbors who need it most – from the indigent and homeless to families working to make ends meet.

Originally, the agency focused on meeting immediate needs with wise compassion, providing food, shelter, and other life essentials to the most vulnerable in our community

But the primary focus of our work has shifted over the years.

As staff and volunteers gained a deeper understanding of the root causes of these immediate crisis needs, the agency increasingly worked to remove barriers and to create education and employment opportunities that enabled people to meet their own needs.

Current agency programming includes:

The intensive, one-on-one work of empowerment has a longer-term impact – on individual lives and on our collective well-being – as people break free from cycles of instability to fully participate in the work and life of Greenville’s thriving community.

Your Contribution Could Help Others Just Like Devlin and Ashley

Some ways in which your investment might help:

  • $150,000 Helps secure up to 5 interim houses for the Interfaith Hospitality Network – when matched with South Carolina Housing Trust funds
  • $100,000 Enables over 60 working individuals overcome an unexpected expense that might derail their progress towards financial self- sufficiency (the Carpenter-Maddrey Financial Stabilization fund)
  • $75,000 Provides job training for careers like medical coding & billing, legal interpretation and nursing assistant for 5 years
  • $50,000 Allows United Ministries to make internal and external facilities improvements to align ourselves with the growth of the neighborhood and provide an inspiring space to work and develop
  • $50,000 Funds the mental health counselor position for 2 additional years
  • $35,000 Funds a part-time program position
  • $20,000 Provides a 1 to 1 match for a year’s worth of matched savings participants
  • $20,000 Provides a complete refurbishment of the GED computer lab, including new computers
  • $10,000 Secures additional GED resources including books, calculators and other educational materials
  • $6,500 Covers GED testing fees for 50 students