Nick Bush, Program Manager, Place of Hope

Most of us take a lot for granted. We have homes to go to, food in our fridges, and central air and heating. Technology makes our lives simpler from online banking to getting our groceries delivered to our homes. One major factor in our lives that we take for granted is our identification. It may be surprising to many how difficult it is to obtain an ID. In most states, you need an ID to get a birth certificate and a social security card. At the same time, you need a birth certificate and social security card to get an ID. There are other ways to obtain these documents, but a lot of them consist of using the technology we take for granted. Every day at Place of Hope, we try to spread the importance of having an ID and make sure folks are keeping their ID’s up to date. One of our goals is to make sure all folks in our community have valid identification. Thank you for your support of our agency, because it helps us work with our participants to obtain their identifications every day.