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An article shared yesterday on the “Cost of Living in Greenville” painted a positive picture for families seeking to rent in Greenville County – but is all as it seems? 

In yesterday’s edition of GVLtoday, an article on the “Cost of Living in Greenville” provided several interesting facts:  that the median household income in Greenville County is ~$53,739 and that a household making $50,000 annually would have ~$100 left in its housing budget for rent based on the average monthly rent in Greenville and accounting for housing being 30% of the monthly gross income.

The picture that is painted is a positive one, and for many people in Greenville County – the picture is just that:  positive.

However, the Greenville Homeless Alliance, in their monthly newsletter, cited the SC Housing Housing Needs Assessment1:

  • The average renter in SC cannot afford a basic two-bedroom apartment without overextending their budget in 41 of 46 SC counties. This includes Greenville.
  • One in four SC renters experiences severe cost burden – meaning renters pay so much for housing, they come up short in meeting their most basic needs (food, fuel, etc.)
  • Greenville County ranks third in the state for severely rent burdened households.

What’s more, while the median household income in Greenville County is ~$53,739, the median household income for RENTER households is only $30,4402.  What this means is, with average monthly rent in Greenville running at $1,147 (as cited in the GVLtoday article), the median rental household is $386 over budget (30% of their monthly gross income is just $761.)

According to the Greenville County School District, approximately 50% of its 80,000 students live at or below the poverty line, which for a family of 4 is ~$25,000.  What a stark contrast Greenville must prove to be for 40,000 students and their families who are living at half of the household income referenced in the article.

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