Bob Dillon is a star volunteer at United Ministries, helping out in the Employment Readiness, Learning Center, and GED Programs. Over the last three years, Bob has forged relationships with United Ministries participants, allowing them to become more comfortable in the programs and also improve their life skills.

Bob joined the Employment Readiness team in the fall of 2008 as a workshop volunteer. He runs the intake workshop for new program participants every Tuesday, which frees up more time for the Employment Readiness counselors to spend one-on-one with participants. As a former small business owner, Bob’s experience and skills help him provide new participants with quality advice concerning how to best fill out job applications and answer interview questions.

After a few months, Bob decided to expand his volunteering to the top floor of the Learning Center. Now, following workshop every Tuesday, Bob spends several more hours, and sometimes all day, tutoring in the GED Program. Different from the group volunteer experience in Employment Readiness, tutoring involves more one-on-one time. Bob circulates among a room of students, building rapport and relationships, which enable him to prepare students for the GED Exam. His efforts also allow staff to spend time working with students on the issues they may have outside of the classroom, which is critical to the program’s success.