Mrs. C. is a great example of the many middle-aged and senior participants whom we serve in Employment Readiness. Mrs. C. is in her mid-50’s and has worked several jobs that lasted for many years. Unfortunately, she was laid off from her most recent job and was having a difficult time finding work on her own.

Mrs. C. has some difficulty with processing information and using the computer to complete applications. She worked with her employment counselor to find jobs that would be a good fit for her skills. She applied for a custodial job at a local community college, and she received positive reviews from her interview.

Her counselor helped her stay in touch with the hiring manager, who assured Mrs. C. that they wanted to hire her. Mrs. C. had to be very patient while waiting for the HR paperwork to be processed.

Finally, after three months, Mrs. C. was offered the job! She was very relieved, and her counselor was very proud of her. She has a strong work ethic, a bubbly personality, and will be a great asset to the college’s staff.

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