“And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good”  – 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (NIV)

I decided to go to seminary because I felt the “calling” of God in my life. I felt deeply within me that God wanted me to participate in His ministry while I was here on earth. I studied for years, learning everything I could from Church History, Hebrew culture, foreign languages, and memorizing bible Scriptures so I could be a better servant. However, the drawback to seminary is the spiritual drying out that it induces in everyone. Our study of God becomes very knowledge based and we begin to forget how it feels to just be kind and generous to those around us. We are too busy studying the Bible to actually act it out .After years of thinking I was destined to be a pastor, God put a new calling in my life. After graduating He put the calling of simply serving His children in the most basic of ways. He called me here to United Ministries.

What we do here is the Gospel in his most basic form. We are given daily opportunities to simply be kind to those in our community. Every day I am presented with an opportunity to hear the struggles of someone and then given a chance to respond. All of our programs are filling basic needs within our community.   Everyone here is a part of something greater. Our simple acts of kindness produce something more here. Yes, we help people get GED’s or help them pay bills, get a job, or perhaps end homelessness; but we are providing the community with something greater. We are providing our participants with Hope. Hope for a chance. Hope for a better Life. Hope for generational change. We actually get to be a part of this process. A simple act of kindness goes a long way here at United Ministries. The best part of working here is watching our volunteers participate in this as well. They are the driving force behind our success. Our programs could not accomplish their goals without them. Our volunteers come from different backgrounds, different beliefs, and they even have different goals. But these volunteers realize that they are a part of the bigger picture here in our community. They are actually participating in what I believe God has called us to do. God has been abundantly kind to us and simply calls us to do the same. Being a part of this is what my calling has become. What is your calling?

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