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God Shows Up

“When I called United Ministries, I had no doubt that God was not going to show up for me” Most Wednesday mornings, volunteer Susan Bracknell comes to talk with the people waiting in the Emergency Assistance lobby. They are here seeking rent or utility assistance. Susan chats with them one on one to find out…
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Ministry Basics from Andrew

 “And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good”  – 2 Thessalonians 3:13 (NIV) I decided to go to seminary because I felt the “calling” of God in my life. I felt deeply within me that God wanted me to participate in His ministry while I was here on earth. I…
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Fundraising, Perspective
The results are in!  The 2011 United Way Campaign was supported by over 36,000 donors who contributed a total of $15,218,332!!! THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our work at United Ministries possible by contributing to this campaign. (Warning: You might need a tissue to watch this video!)
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United Way for United Ministries

Adult Education, Fundraising
Forms are completed, pledges are turned in, and dollars are being counted.  If you live anywhere near Greenville County, you have undoubtedly heard, seen, or been involved with the 2011 United Way campaign.  The campaign is officially over, but we want to once more highlight the video that helped draw attention to both the need to give…
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Small Helpers Make a Big Impact

Topics like homelessness, unemployment, and hunger are tough; It’s easy to be overwhelmed with despair, and we often trick ourselves into believing “I can’t make a difference….the problem is just too big”. Thankfully, children view life in a more simple manner, and they don’t hesitate to tackle the seemingly insurmountable; At United Ministries, we’ve witnessed that a lot…
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Work Keys

The Learning Center has added another component to our programs.  In addition to GED preparation and employment readiness, we are now offering a free WorkKeys program.  We desire to equip students/job-seekers with the skills and credentials needed to obtain a job.  With many employers in the upstate requiring WorkKeys, it helps to connect our clients…
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Under the Bridge

I was recently invited to join several staff members from Place of Hope and Greenville Mental Health to “go under the bridge”.  As weird as that may sound to some, to those who work with the homeless of Greenville County, this invitation is understood.  To “go under the bridge” means visiting the steady stream of…
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Lowe’s Heroes

When Place of Hope opened it’s doors yesterday morning, participants were greeted with a fresh look.  Thanks to Lowe’s Heroes, Place of Hope and our Emergency Assistance Program received some important facility updates which will hopefully help with efficiency of the programs.  Let’s hear it straight from the source. What is Lowe’s Heroes?  [youtube=] How does one become a Lowe’s…
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