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50 Stories for 50 Years: Debbie Cooper

50th Anniversary, News
So many aspects of life change when you have a child. Debbie Cooper, United Ministries’ (UM) board member of 4 years, says that her career ambitions completely changed while raising her first child. After working in a for-profit business for years, her perspective altered as she realized that she “wanted to make a difference in…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Hannah Ennis

Have you ever had an incident stick in your mind so sharply that it alters how you see your career? Hannah Ennis, United Ministries’ Student Resource Specialist, had such a moment. Before joining United Ministries’ team, she was on a mission trip in Louisiana. There, her group walked past and largely ignored an older, untidy-looking…
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Dual Purpose: Transportation and Recreation

For many of our participants, transportation is an obstacle to finding employment, and getting access to health care, childcare, school, grocery stores, and more. To help alleviate the obstacle of transportation for our participants, we started a bike referral agreement with the Village Wrench in 2015. Bikes are a reliable, environmentally friendly, and heart-healthy form of…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Beth Templeton

We all know that person who seems to be involved in everything and has you wondering if they ever sleep. Reverend Beth Templeton, who was Executive Director at United Ministries for 24 years, is such a person. Before her career at United Ministries, Beth went to Erskine Theological Seminary thinking she would work at a…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Brooke Wilkinson

Brooke Wilkinson joined Employment Readiness in the summer of 2017.  She was working, but after having completed a rehab program in 2015 for a methamphetamine addiction, Brooke needed a job that would better sup port her recovery.  Brooke worked with her employment counselor to practice interview questions, update her resume, and craft a cover letter.…
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