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Transformation Walk Adds 5K Run

**This post has been updated as of June 20th at 2:42pm to reflect a new walk date. United Ministries’ Transformation Walk is expanding this year to include a timed race on a certified course. The walk and run will begin at First Baptist Church, Greenville on Saturday, September 22nd. The course will include a portion…
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Place of Hope
Nick Bush, Program Manager, Place of Hope Most of us take a lot for granted. We have homes to go to, food in our fridges, and central air and heating. Technology makes our lives simpler from online banking to getting our groceries delivered to our homes. One major factor in our lives that we take…
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Greenville Homeless Alliance Mobilizing Efforts to Address Economy Inn Housing Crisis

GREENVILLE, S.C. (February 1, 2018) – Fifty community leaders gathered at United Ministries today to discuss the immediate housing crisis caused by the condemnation of Economy Inn.   An Emergency Response Team is now coordinating ongoing support for Nicholtown Missionary Baptist Church, Urban League of the Upstate, and other community agencies who are lending vital…
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Strength and Determination

Janey House, Academic Counselor, Adult Education Our students come to us with their own individual stories.  They have their own struggles, fears of failure, challenges, goals, and personalities.  They bring themselves to our GED program here at United Ministries, and they enrich our program with their enthusiasm, work ethic, and determination.  Kaylee, who just completed…
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Thank You, Walmart!

The Walmart Foundation and the South Carolina State Giving Advisory Council awarded United Ministries a $27,000 grant to support food assistance and operating costs in 2017.  This local grant award is part of the Walmart Foundation’s mission to fight hunger and improve nutrition, create economic opportunities, and strengthen communities. In Greenville County, 15% of the…
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Ready to Rollover?

As you know, if you are at least 70 1/2 and have a Retirement Plan, you must take a Required Minimum Distribution each year. For those of us who have deferred paying income tax through these plans, that means that we now have to pay the piper. What a great way to make a gift to support United Ministries,…
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