When Garrett joined the Employment Readiness Program, he was new to the area. He moved from Atlanta to Greenville in order to complete the Miracle Hill Overcomer’s Program. Over the course of several months, he worked diligently to complete the Overcomer’s Program while he worked with his Employment Counselor to address barriers to employment.

One of the biggest barriers was transportation. While Garrett has a Georgia driver’s license, he doesn’t have a car. In Greenville, relying on the bus system can be quite limiting. This was a big difference from living in Atlanta. Garrett accepted a job as a chef at a small sandwich shop that serves workers in downtown Greenville. He was very excited, as the shop was within a few miles of his home. Instead of relying on the bus, he would be able to walk to work.

Because Garrett was an active and involved participant in the Employment Readiness Program, his counselor was able to provide a referral for a bike from the Village Wrench. After completing an hour of service, he received a helmet, bike lock, and bike from the Village Wrench. This bike will increase his independence, allowing him to get to and from work efficiently and widening the areas of Greenville he is able to access easily. As Garrett said, he is now “off and biking”!

Paige Westbrook, Employment Counselor, Employment Readiness