Mary Allen Murphy, Academic Counselor

So often we see that the realities and stresses of life – transportation issues, long work hours, bills to pay, raising children, health issues – interfere with or briefly interrupt a student’s progress in the Adult Education program.  Terence was one of those students who enrolled in the GED program only to have his studies interrupted by the realities of life.

After a period of absence, Terence returned to the GED program with a newfound motivation and determination.  In January, his determination left him with only one more GED test to pass – the math.  He proved his abilities through studying and by passing a practice test so we registered him, confidently, for the math GED exam.  Terence’s results came back within an hour of his test – he was 1 point shy of passing.  Rather than giving up or walking away to take a break, Terence immediately returned to the Learning Center to find out what areas he needed to focus on.  He worked intently with a tutor for several hours, retook his practice test, earned a passing practice test score, and registered to take the math exam again – all within the same day!  Only 24 hours later, Terence found himself sitting in a testing room, determined as ever to pass the math exam, which is exactly what he did!  This time he was 7 points above the minimum passing score and now can say he has earned his High School Equivalency Diploma.

Every student has a path (and often a winding one) to his or her GED where no two are alike.  But what I appreciate about Terence is that his momentary failure only caused him to work harder – as the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”