The Intern Experience

Katherine Armstrong (left) and Rachel Lawrence interned with UM this summer. As interns at United Ministries, we have spent our summer making our way through the different programs offered at UM, and while we came into this summer with expectations of what we might learn, we have also been taken by surprise. We have always…
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Intern Insights: Learning To Hope

Being in the Place of Hope produces a rare leveling effect among volunteers and participants. Here lies a unique space for conversation in which both sides benefit from a fuller understanding of the other. It is here that I can see clearly the dignity and love each human soul deserves from me. One of the…
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The Power of $1

Sometimes we can see the immediate impact of our generosity.  We serve a meal or volunteer our time and we can see the fruits of our labor.  What we may not see is what happens to that one dollar that was all or just a small part of our donation.  This dollar was used to buy…
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