First Student on the Hall

On Tuesday morning, Brittany was the first student on the hall.  Even so, she muttered to herself about being late.  “I overslept, and I hate it when that happens!”  But oversleeping is only part of the story.

Brittany is a manager and a planner. Before coming to class, Brittany gets her five-year-old off to school and arranges care for her four-year-old and two-year-old. Her older son will begin pee-wee football in May, and her younger son will be in baseball at the Y in July. Her daughter is already in dance classes. Beyond arranging logistics for three kids and her husband, Brittany is in school every single day that our GED program is open and has almost completed the algebra curriculum.  She is getting ready to take the math and science parts of the GED.

After earning her GED, Brittany would like to train as an Ultrasound Technician. Her “can-do” attitude and management skills will be an asset to her as she makes positive transitions in her life.

–Ken Christy, Academic Counselor, Adult Education


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