Sometimes we can see the immediate impact of our generosity.  We serve a meal or volunteer our time and we can see the fruits of our labor.  What we may not see is what happens to that one dollar that was all or just a small part of our donation.  This dollar was used to buy a city bus ticket.  This bus ticket by itself seems miniscule compared to something as complex as homelessness.   This bus ticket, however, sat in a Place of Hope desk for a special occasion.  The occasion was for a participant who had finally decided to get his life back together.  This one ticket was used as a tool in case management to help this participant reach a destination.  This destination was part of the process required for him to obtain housing through the Veterans Association.  This one ticket was part of a system that helped give this participant a goal that he suddenly realized was obtainable for him.  This one ticket made the connection that took this participant from being homeless to being housed.

As little as a dollar may seem to your or I, this is what our dollars can do at United Ministries.