A Tribute to Dr. Bill Kellett

Dr. Bill, as he was affectionately known at United Ministries, not only carried on the family heritage of giving to people who needed help, but he fulfilled his own passion for reaching out to those in need by using his special gifts and skills in medicine. When Dr. Bill retired from a successful medical practice, he expanded his personal  mission  by not only giving his expertise in under-developed countries but also by volunteering at the Place of Hope.

The Place of Hope, United Ministries’ day shelter for people who are homeless, serves mostly males. Dr. Bill was trained as a gynecologist! However, that did not stop him from becoming the “go to” medical professional for homeless people and occasionally even for staff members. Before Dr. Bill’s arrival, many homeless people had no consistent medical care nor did they have any medical professionals who knew them by name. Can you imagine how wonderful it was to have a doctor who came every week to check on your vital signs, dress a wound, answer health questions, or refer you to appropriate medical help, when needed? This same doctor then followed up with you to make sure how everything was going.

Dr. Bill eventually had to give up his “practice” at the Place of Hope due to health issues of his own. Not only was his medical expertise sorely missed but also his genuine smile and his compassionate heart.  The warmth of Dr. Bill Kellett’s warm lovingkindness will remain in the lives of everyone he touched.

In loving memory of Dr. William “Bill” West Kellett, III:  January 7, 1940 – December 24, 2016

Beth Lindsay Templeton, Founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, Inc.

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