Tammy Wilson says that it was a humbling experience coming to United Ministries for help, because she wasn’t sure if she’d receive any. Her husband had lost his job, and his income was primary in the household. She came to United Ministries Emergency Assistance program for help paying their power bill, and as part of the program, she learned about United Ministries Employment Readiness program. Initially, she just wanted help with her resume, but in the end, she received much more. “I feel like United Ministries went above what I ever expected,” she says.

Tammy and her family were in a tight spot, and she knew something had to change. Tammy’s motivation impressed her employment counselor, and they began working together to make positive transitions in her life. United Ministries not only helped Tammy with her resume, but also helped her find a job, provided her with work pants, helped her with a legal situation, and provided her with a gas voucher to get to work. One of the things that made a lasting impression on Tammy was the help she received with her budget. She says, “It really helped to have someone else look over it. I wanted to be accountable.”

Tammy, her husband, and her son were all using the same vehicle to get to their jobs. When their vehicle began to break down, United Ministries and CommunityWorks were able to help them acquire a new vehicle (pictured here). Through a partnership with CommunityWorks, United Ministries provided Tammy with a micro loan as an alternative to a predatory title loan that had been draining her resources, and also established an emergency savings account that’s being matched dollar for dollar up to $500. Tammy puts money from her paycheck directly into her savings fund, and she says it feels great to get into the habit of saving.

Tammy says that learning to save has been a revelation. She sees God’s hand in her life over the past few months. She didn’t know how she could ever save when they were already so incredibly short on funds, but the help that she’s received from United Ministries has turned that situation around. Her motivation to change her situation came together with the help from United Ministries and partner organizations, and she feels truly blessed.

She says, “Doors are opening. And honestly I can say that where we are right now is because of the help, and financially, we’re going to be in the best situation we’ve been in for a while.”

Tammy Wilson

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October 7, 2018 4:08 pm

Amazing and God bless you and your family. Tammy


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