Is all as it seems?

An article shared yesterday on the “Cost of Living in Greenville” painted a positive picture for families seeking to rent in Greenville County – but is all as it seems?  In yesterday’s edition of GVLtoday, an article on the “Cost of Living in Greenville” provided several interesting facts:  that the median household income in Greenville…
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Giving Back is the New Black—Four Practicals [Part 1 of 2]

  Sharing four points on volunteerism—starting with statistics and ending with practicals—because it’s time to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “…but how do you actually get involved?” WHY VOLUNTEER? Volunteering connects us to our communities, forces us to see new perspectives, gives us a sense of purpose, aligns our passions with our time,…
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Funding Greenlink is a Win-Win for all of Greenville

An unemployed participant is working with an employment counselor in Employment Readiness to find the right job to secure a stable future. The participant finds a position perfectly suited to her skills and experience. Unfortunately, the job is for second shift, and the participant doesn’t own a car. Based on the current hours of Greenlink,…
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The results are in!  The 2011 United Way Campaign was supported by over 36,000 donors who contributed a total of $15,218,332!!! THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our work at United Ministries possible by contributing to this campaign. (Warning: You might need a tissue to watch this video!)
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United Way for United Ministries

Forms are completed, pledges are turned in, and dollars are being counted.  If you live anywhere near Greenville County, you have undoubtedly heard, seen, or been involved with the 2011 United Way campaign.  The campaign is officially over, but we want to once more highlight the video that helped draw attention to both the need to give…
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Tour of the Town

We wish we could be all things to all people, but it’s simply not possible.  Thankfully, Greenville County has many other agencies dedicated to serving the underserved.  Last week, a small group of staff and interns took time to tour the facilities and learn a little more about our partners in poverty prevention. Our first…
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