Small Helpers Make a Big Impact

Topics like homelessness, unemployment, and hunger are tough; It’s easy to be overwhelmed with despair, and we often trick ourselves into believing “I can’t make a difference….the problem is just too big”. Thankfully, children view life in a more simple manner, and they don’t hesitate to tackle the seemingly insurmountable; At United Ministries, we’ve witnessed that a lot…
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Under the Bridge

I was recently invited to join several staff members from Place of Hope and Greenville Mental Health to “go under the bridge”.  As weird as that may sound to some, to those who work with the homeless of Greenville County, this invitation is understood.  To “go under the bridge” means visiting the steady stream of…
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Tour of the Town

We wish we could be all things to all people, but it’s simply not possible.  Thankfully, Greenville County has many other agencies dedicated to serving the underserved.  Last week, a small group of staff and interns took time to tour the facilities and learn a little more about our partners in poverty prevention. Our first…
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