About United Ministries

Our Mission

United Ministries is a direct services organization that serves individuals and families experiencing scarcity by providing basic needs for stability and supportive services to achieve self-sufficiency.

Our Vision

A Greenville Community working together to ensure that everyone has access to the resources and the opportunities to thrive.

Value Statements

We believe that all individuals experiencing scarcity deserve access to quality resources and services to stabilize and address their current circumstances. Our efforts are guided by the following ethical principles:
1.  INTEGRITY – We are committed to exemplifying the highest level of honesty, respect, and transparency in all endeavors.
2.  COMPASSION – We care deeply about our participants, staff, and stakeholders, and continue to strive to demonstrate empathy, fairness, and equality in all that we do.
3.  INCLUSION – We value and strive to reflect the vibrant diversity that makes up our community and will continue to give everyone equal access to our resources and services.
4.  EXCELLENCE – We are committed to being a model direct services organization by holding ourselves accountable, using best practices, and setting and achieving high standards.
5.  CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT– We are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of continuous learning to meet the goals and objectives of the organization and the needs of the people we serve.

Key Focus Areas

We accomplish our mission and guide our programs at United Ministries through three key focus areas:

Economic Mobility

Our Striving to Thrive program helps people assess, define, and achieve goals to gain self-sufficiency and achieve upward economic mobility. Participants meet with an Economic Mobility Partner who assists in areas such as: finding and keeping quality employment by providing soft skills and technical job training; assistance with earning certifications; help with resume writing, interview skills, the job search and removing barriers to employability; navigating credit goals and financial independence.

Emergency Services

We offer financial assistance with rent, utilities, food and life-sustaining medications through our Emergency Assistance Program. Families receiving assistance meet with volunteers to discuss their needs and identify solutions. The Place of Hope day shelter provides basic services such as showers and laundry for adults experiencing homelessness, as well as offering case management through which the root causes of homelessness are addressed.

Housing Services

Our Housing program offers interim housing for families with children who are ready to work towards self-sufficiency. Families engaged in the program meet regularly with a specialized Economic Mobility Partner who assists in areas such as: defining goals that participants have for themselves and their family; removing barriers to upward economic mobility; assistance with finding childcare and meeting family needs; navigating stable, independence, and long-term housing opportunities.