Individualized Coaching for Economic Mobility

We use coaching techniques to support program participants as they stabilize and work to reach major life goals around a career, finances, housing, education, health, and more. Over time, program participants build self-efficacy while improving their financial and overall well-being.

“United Ministries has offered several areas of assistance for me and my family. Everyone says there’s always room for improvement, but I feel like United Ministries has everything covered!” – UM Participant

How It Works

Following an orientation, economic mobility partners work one-on-one with participants to build relationships and to assist with the creation and implementation of individualized plans related to each participant’s goals. Financial coaches offer counseling around budgeting, credit, and asset attainment. We also offer computer tutoring, computer lab access, mental health counseling, a matched savings program, and incentives for completing goals.
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Our Numbers in Fiscal Year 2022

Individuals Completed Our Matched Savings Program
Individuals Received Financial Coaching Sessions
Jobs Were Obtained

Hire a Program Participant

United Ministries’ participants receive long-term one-on-one coaching to address all of the factors that have impacted employability. Coaching and coursework develops financial know-how, personal effectiveness, and job skills. We even continue to work with our participants after they are employed.

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