Meet Kelyn, Summer Intern

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! My name is Kelyn Bayne. I am a rising senior at Mauldin High School and an intern for United Ministries this summer. Alongside my obsession with Ted Lasso, I am passionate about government and mental health. I grew up in Clarksville, Tennessee until my parents moved to Greenville to plant a church: Greenville Community Church (or GCC for short). At Mauldin, I follow in my family’s footsteps since I am the President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (although I am definitely NOT an athlete). I strive to spread joy and hope and to serve others. United Ministries allows me to serve others and to see the logistical side of running a non-profit.

Do you want to know a fun history fact? Then you came to the right blog post! I love government, politics, history, and all things social science. In my free time, I enjoy listening to political podcasts and reading historical literature. The Constitution is my best friend, and yes, Ï do know all twenty-seven amendments. One day I hope to be a lawyer for interest groups or non-profits. I want to participate in law that protects underserved communities, and UM allows me to work directly with that community.

Serving is not only life-changing for the ones you serve but also for yourself. I am truly grateful for this experience and the opportunity to learn and grow.