United Ministries Announces Program Closure, New Focus on Economic Mobility, Housing Stability, and Homeless Services

United Ministries Announces Program Closure, New Focus on Economic Mobility, Housing Stability, and Homeless Services

54-year-Old Organization Enters New Phase of Clarity and Focus


GREENVILLE, S.C. (July 8th, 2024) – After thorough analysis and evaluation, United Ministries’ leadership team and Board of Directors have determined that the organization will no longer administer Adult Education services as a part of its’ program model as of September 20th, 2024. Operating for more than 20 years, United Ministries’ Adult Education Program has worked with hundreds of individuals to earn their GED and paved the way for brighter futures over the last 2+ decades.

“United Ministries was founded to address critical community needs in response to area textile mills closing. Our work has always been guided by the notion of serving the most critical needs of the community. In recent years, we have seen a significant growing demand for initiatives that focus on housing stability and economic mobility, whereas the demand for Adult Education services has decreased post-pandemic.” says Lizzie Bebber, Executive Director of United Ministries. “This decision was not made lightly and reflects our commitment to strategically impacting the lives of those we serve in the areas of greatest community need. We will work alongside our current Adult Education participants to ensure a smooth transition to partner organizations, such as the Greenville Literacy Association and the Sullivan Center, so that students have the opportunity to continue their journey to the GED exam. Our top priority is to support students, volunteers, and staff through this transition. We know that getting a GED is an important goal for many on the journey to economic mobility, and United Ministries remains committed to supporting our participants and greater community.”

Over the years, United Ministries has provided programs and services to individuals and families experiencing scarcity to meet basic needs, and supportive services to achieve self-sufficiency. These programs have included direct crisis assistance programs such as Emergency Assistance, providing direct rent, utility, medication, and food assistance to those in crisis and a Day Shelter to support individuals experiencing chronic homelessness. More long-term programming is also offered, specifically aimed at helping individuals and families exit poverty long-term including GED services, an evidence-based individualized Economic Mobility Coaching program, mental health counseling, and a housing program to support families with children experiencing homelessness.

“As an organization committed to serving the Greenville community, we continuously evaluate how we can best meet the changing needs of those we serve,” said Sima Patel, Chair of the United Ministries’ Board of Directors. “While it is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our Adult Education program, we are confident that reallocating our resources to more closely focus on Economic Mobility, Housing Stability, and Homeless Services will allow us to make a greater impact where it is most needed in Greenville.”

About United Ministries:

Located in the West End of downtown Greenville, United Ministries has been working for 54 years to create a Greenville community working together to ensure that everyone has access to the resources and the opportunities to thrive. Originally established by local congregations to meet the crisis needs of people living in poverty in response to area textile mill closures, the agency has evolved to focus on providing direct services that serve individuals and families experiencing scarcity by providing basic needs for stability and supportive services to achieve self-sufficiency. The agency’s evidence-based integrated service model provides wrap around opportunities to build financial and psychological self-sufficiency, ultimately supporting long-term exits from poverty.

For more information on United Ministries, please visit www.united-ministries.org or call 864-335-2613.