Forging Deeper Relationships
with Area Homeless

For some people, homelessness is a way of life. They know where to go to get a meal, a shower—even a pair of socks.

Place of Hope does provide basic services to people who are homeless, but it also strives to forge deeper relationships and address the core problems behind homelessness, such as unemployment, poor health, substance abuse, mental illness and/or lack of education.

By establishing relationships with participants, showing interest in, and understanding of their situation and partnering with other agencies in the community, the Place of Hope helps individuals get off the streets and into a home.

How It Works

Walk-ins may receive basic services such as access to a shower, restroom, laundry services, lockers, and telephone. For interested participants, we offer an advanced level of intensive case management: assistance obtaining identification documents, securing treatment for substance abuse or mental health issues, securing long-term housing, obtaining legal services and more. Should it be necessary, we will also work with partner agencies to ensure participants receive the best possible services for their individual needs. Case management is available by appointment.

Our Impact in 2022

Visits to Place of Hope
Individuals Received Case Management
Homeless Individuals Placed in Permanent Housing

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