Educating for Employment

Lacking a high school diploma or a GED means trying four times as hard to find a good job, often with frustrating results. Our adult education program connects individuals with the opportunity to close employability gaps by earning a GED diploma.

Adult Education graduates who take and pass the GED exam will have earned a SC High School Equivalency Diploma. In addition to providing a full cap-and-gown graduation ceremony, the program provides other follow-up services to help graduates make the most of the new opportunities available to them.

How it Works

Participants can enroll by taking a placement test during any of the program’s hours of operation.  Due to Coronavirus, appointments are now required.  To make an appointment, call 864-335-2604.

Participants can then study on their own schedule, as their work and family responsibilities allow.  United Ministries provides one-on-one tutoring and study materials for use on-site, and pays all but $20 of each participant’s $150 testing fees.

Puckett Center for Economic Mobility Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8 am – 5pm; Wednesday: 8 am – Noon

Order a duplicate GED diploma or transcript here.

Our Results from the Past Three Years:

Individuals passed the GED exam and earned a High School Equivalency Diploma, making it possible for them to enroll in college and find quality employment.
I went to see my counselor to tell him I felt like I had failed the test again. He said, ‘Let’s just see how you did.’ I didn’t even know the results were in. He said, ‘YOU DID IT!’ I said, ‘I PASSED?’ He said, ‘Yes,’ and we hugged and cried, knowing this had been a long hard struggle for me.
VenusProgram Participant

Hire a Program Participant

Employment Readiness participants receive long-term one-on-one coaching to address all of the factors that have impacted employability. Coaching and coursework develops financial know-how, personal effectiveness, and job skills. We even continue to work with our participants after they are employed.

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