About Holiday Honor Cards

For over 20 years, United Ministries has asked a local artist to create a piece of artwork for our Holiday Honor Card. The artwork includes a sense of the holidays, a sense of poverty, and a Greenville scene. The donated artwork is displayed in the Templeton Conference Room, where visitors can appreciate its beauty and significance. Before it is displayed, we turn the artwork into a beautiful holiday greeting card that you can use to honor family, friends, clients, and colleagues. By making a donation in someone’s honor to United Ministries, you are also honoring someone in our community who truly needs the kind of support that your gift will provide.

2018 Holiday Honor Card Original Art by Linda Furman

Linda Furman is a lifelong resident of Greenville with a few short stints living elsewhere. Linda graduated from Greenville High School, attended Queens College in Charlotte, studied for a short time at UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Furman University. She is married to Earle Furman, and they have four children and eight grandchildren. She describes acrylics, collages, alcohol inks and pastels as her favorite mediums.  Linda is a member of The SC Water Media Society and Studio South. Her studio is at 547 Perry Ave, in West Greenville and it is usually open for First Fridays and Open Studios.

About her painting, Linda says, “My painting is all about the Village of West Greenville, the poverty that still exists there and hope for the future. The two young girls actually are real people who nicely posed for me on a hot May Day. I wanted to show the friendship between these two little girls who are both different and very much alike. Brandon Mill is shown in the background. Even though the days of textile superiority are gone, this part of Greenville has morphed into a vibrant place to live and work. This “morphing” has happened because a lot of good creative people have tackled problems and worked hard to make miracles happen.”

How it Works

A donation given in honor of someone special to you directly supports United Ministries’ mission to serve and empower those on the transformative journey to self-sufficiency.

Some people wonder what donation to make, but we leave that up to you.  The average donation per card last year was $8.50 and the top donation received last year for one card was $100.  We can sign and mail the cards on your behalf.  It’s our gift to you.

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Orders of 100 or more cards may include custom messages, such as your business logo or signatures.

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