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Addressing Homelessness at the Source

The roots of homelessness are complex and involve both personal and societal barriers to obtaining a residence. Tackling homelessness truly requires a united front of individuals, congregations, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and public initiatives.

United Ministries’ homeless services exist to 1.) address immediate needs and complications that arise from being without shelter 2.) provide personalized pathways toward finding a permanent housing. Learn about our two homelessness programs:

Family Shelter: Interfaith Hospitality Network

Emergency shelter and meals for families facing a crisis.

Curious about homelessness statistics for Greenville County?

Our Impact

Year 2020 at
Place of Hope:

Year 2020 with the
Interfaith Hospitality Network:

Visits to Place of Hope
Individuals Received Case Management
Homeless Individuals Placed in Permanent Housing
Families Served through IHN
Families Assisted to Permanent Housing
Children Housed with Their Families

Next Steps

After important documents are received and housing is established, participants are encouraged to: