Formerly Homeless Man Finds a Home

John was a man of about 5’1 in his early 50’s. When I first saw him he looked ready for the elements. He was decked out in layers, a trench coat, and an Indiana Jones hat with a head lamp on it. But as I started to talk with him, I could tell he had…
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Under the Bridge

I was recently invited to join several staff members from Place of Hope and Greenville Mental Health to “go under the bridge”.  As weird as that may sound to some, to those who work with the homeless of Greenville County, this invitation is understood.  To “go under the bridge” means visiting the steady stream of…
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Intern Insights: Learning To Hope

Being in the Place of Hope produces a rare leveling effect among volunteers and participants. Here lies a unique space for conversation in which both sides benefit from a fuller understanding of the other. It is here that I can see clearly the dignity and love each human soul deserves from me. One of the…
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