After experiencing his own demons in life, Kreg Kimmons is now on the path of giving “hope to the hopeless,” since he knows what it’s like to be hopeless himself. Kreg has had “25 years in the restaurant business,” a monetarily successful time when he became reliant on drugs and alcohol. This lifestyle eventually led him to the hospital, where he experienced a coma and could hardly walk because of a plethora of other health issues. He decided to come to Greenville and join Miracle Hills Overcomers Center, a drug addiction program that Kreg saw as his “last try to change.” Even though he hated it at first, he stuck with it and saw so much gradual change that he credits Overcomers with “saving [his] life.”

While working with Miracle Hill, Kreg became connected to United Ministries’ Employment Readiness (ER) program, where he worked with his counselor Hannah who connected him with more resources, as well as helping him with his resume and financial life goals. Kreg says that Hannah “helped pull everything together at a time when it was hard to start over materially and psychologically.” They worked together for about a year, and now Kreg sees Hannah as a friend to keep in touch with.

When Kreg began to see himself as worthy of saving, he knew he wanted to spread that message to others. He is now working at the Triune Mercy Center Recovery program full time and works closely with the Greenville Detention Center, often going to the jail 5 days a week to “help people get their life restarted” and to “help them understand there’s a way out” from their toxic environments. He was drawn to this life of ministry because he simply “saw that there was a solution for addiction,” and he wants to spread that message to as many people as he can. Going forward, Kreg wants to “wait for instructions from the Lord” because his situation has taught him the importance of listening. So, for now, he will continue focusing on “being a son, a father, and a servant,” so that he can continue spreading his positive message to others.