50th Anniversary

50 Stories for 50 Years: Amanda Warren

Here at United Ministries (UM), we use the term “integrated services” often. But what exactly does that mean, and what is its purpose? Nobody explains it better than Amanda Warren, the Associate Director of Integrated Services. She understands that people are sometimes confused by the model but knows all the benefits that it brings. Amanda…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Young Ghun

“I was stuck in life and United Ministries got me un-stuck.” So says Young Ghun, who graduated with his GED in September 2018 and is now enrolled at Bob Jones University (BJU), pursuing a degree in Cinema Production. Young came to United Ministries after following the advice of a concerned friend and traveling almost 2000…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Stephen Shelato

Employment counselors at United Ministries know that the road to a career is almost never how people imagine it. Stephen Shelato, who has been a counselor for two years, knows this from his own experience. He says that it took him “15 years to get [his] bachelor’s degree,” and many years to figure out what…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Brooke Wilkinson

Brooke Wilkinson joined Employment Readiness in the summer of 2017.  She was working, but after having completed a rehab program in 2015 for a methamphetamine addiction, Brooke needed a job that would better sup port her recovery.  Brooke worked with her employment counselor to practice interview questions, update her resume, and craft a cover letter.…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Betty Herrin

What brings people together more than a cute pet? Betty Herrin, a volunteer at United Ministries, knows that there is nothing quite like a dog to get people out of their shell. Betty has been volunteering weekly at the Place of Hope, United Ministries’ day shelter, for over five years. She has gotten to know…
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50 Stories for 50 Years: Tony McDade

United Ministries’ Executive Director Tony McDade has not always worked in the nonprofit sector, but it seems like his life was destined for it. Tony found his calling for compassionate work while in the church system. As a minister at Baptist churches in the Carolinas, he grew to love bringing out the best in the…
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