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Giving Back is the New Black—Four Practicals [Part 1 of 2]

  Sharing four points on volunteerism—starting with statistics and ending with practicals—because it’s time to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: “…but how do you actually get involved?” WHY VOLUNTEER? Volunteering connects us to our communities, forces us to see new perspectives, gives us a sense of purpose, aligns our passions with our time,…
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The Intern Experience

Katherine Armstrong (left) and Rachel Lawrence interned with UM this summer. As interns at United Ministries, we have spent our summer making our way through the different programs offered at UM, and while we came into this summer with expectations of what we might learn, we have also been taken by surprise. We have always…
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Lowe’s Heroes

When Place of Hope opened it’s doors yesterday morning, participants were greeted with a fresh look.  Thanks to Lowe’s Heroes, Place of Hope and our Emergency Assistance Program received some important facility updates which will hopefully help with efficiency of the programs.  Let’s hear it straight from the source. What is Lowe’s Heroes?  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYm5OovraM8&NR=1] How does one become a Lowe’s…
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The Power of $1

Sometimes we can see the immediate impact of our generosity.  We serve a meal or volunteer our time and we can see the fruits of our labor.  What we may not see is what happens to that one dollar that was all or just a small part of our donation.  This dollar was used to buy…
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Updates from United Ministries

Thank you for visiting our new blog! We are excited to use this website to share with you the amazing things happening at United Ministries.  Every day we are blessed to witness transformation and success as God works in our ministry.  We would like to share these stories with you and let you in on how…
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